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The plan is to have 3 whole days, 2 night at a hotel, including breakfast, 2 dinner, kitting when the wind is blowing, entry to the Dolphin Reef sup, professional photo taking, sailing or other sea sport and more surprises.


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Sunday 13th April - Get set for a new season http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/sunday-13th-april-get-set-for-a-new-season http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/sunday-13th-april-get-set-for-a-new-season SUNDAY 13TH APRIL - GET SET FOR A NEW SEASON

Where: Lancing Beach (meet in the car park - map here)

When: 2pm

Event Requirements: This is an intermediate/advanced clinic, so riders must be able to ride upwind and self-rescue. If you are unsure whether this day is suitable for you please get in touch! KB4GirlsLancing@gmail.com


At the first KB4Girls Lancing Chapter event of the year we want to get you thinking about your kiting goals for the rest of the season. Join us on the beach for an informal chat, where we will talk about your current kiting level and discuss your options for progression. We will offer theory and land-based visualisation before demonstrations and coaching to get you off to a good start!

If you would also like us to recap on any aspects of kitesurfing safety (e.g pack downs, kit checks) technique, or summer riding tips - please email your requests alongside your registration :D


To register please email the following information to us at:


Full Name:

Telephone Number:

Emergency Contact & Number:

Do you cover the minimum requirements (see above)?:

Do you have any limiting conditions that we should be aware of?:

Do you agree to sign the liability and media use waiver at the event?:

Are you over 18? (under 18's may participate, we just need to send you a consent form for your parents/guardians to look at and sign!):

Do you have liability insurance?:

PLEASE NOTE: Liability insurance is required to participate in our events. You can purchase this through the BKSA or the KB4Girls website!

Is there anything specific you would like us to recap on the day?:



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2014 Chapter Event Dates http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/2014-chapter-event-dates- http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/2014-chapter-event-dates- We have an exciting year planned for you ladies! Pop these dates into your diary and get ready for a year of kiting fun and progression :D Registration for the first event of the season will be opening in the next week or so - keep your eyes on this blog and our Facebook page as spaces will be limited!


Sunday 13th April - Get set for a new season

A session for intermediate/advanced riders - to get you thinking about your kiting goals for the coming season. We will provide theory, demonstrations and coaching to get you off to a good start! We will also be running a land-based discussion beforehand, where participants will be able to request a recap on any specific theory/safety/kiting tips.




Sunday 25th May - Camber progression session

KB4Girls Lancing will be visiting the sandy wonderland of Camber to offer tailored coaching for intermediate/advanced riders.




Sunday 8th June - Video clinic

Bring your cheesiest grins to this session, as we will give every participant a chance to perform tricks (and trick attempts) for the camera. A post-session video viewing will allow for an analysis of your riding/trick technique. This session will be for intermediate/advanced riders.




Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th July - Paddle round the Pier!

If you are new to kiting, or an experienced kite chick, come and get involved in the world's biggest FREE beach and watersports festival! Paddle runs every year on the beautiful venue of Hove Lawns, and features the very best in water, street and urban sports, live music and much more! Get involved with us, join in 'the paddle', come party and soak up the atmosphere. With Lancing Kitesurf club also running free power kiting taster lessons, come and have a go if you are new to the sport. Should the wind blow, we will also run freeride kite sessions!





Sunday 17th August - Get confident in Camber!

Our second Camber session of the season will be specifically for those of you who need a bit of a boost to progress from body-dragging to boardstarts and confident riding. More advanced riders are also welcome to join us for a post-clinic free ride.




September (date TBC) - Virgin Kitesurfing Amarda

KB4Girls will once again be participating in the Virgin Kitesurfing Amarda, get involved! If you are interested in participating in the Armada, register your interest with us as well and we will help group you with girls of a similar ability and give you invaluable tips based on first-hand experience of last years event. We will also hold a practice downwinder for participants in early September (this will be organised last minute when the wind blows!)





October (date TBC) Wales for the weekend!

Finish the season with a weekend away to Wales with us for some kiting, coaching, chilling, drinking, eating and more kiting :D We are currently in the process of organising where and when, and will post more details as soon as we can.

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Babies and Kiteboarding http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/babies-and-kiteboarding http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/babies-and-kiteboarding Hello ladies!  It has been almost a year since I have written anything.  I cannot believe how the time has flown by, but I am so excited to be active again!

Last year, after our event with Colleen Carroll in February, I found out I was pregnant.  My world and priorities completely shifted.  I continued to kite until April, but then hung up my harness and switched my activities to yoga and hiking.  We spent the summer in Baja, lazy and hot, and in October I delivered my sweet little boy, Rhys Colin.

I took 3 months to recover fully and now am back on the water!  Hooray!  My first day out I was on an 8m Cabrinha Drifter and a strapless 5'6" Cabrinha Skillit.  I had a permanent smile on my face, it was perfect.  When people say it is like "riding a bike", you don't forget how to do it, it is true.   Once I was on the water, if felt like I had never left.

So in the glow of my new appreciation and love for kiteboarding/surfing I am organizing our first chapter event Feb. 1st.  We will be doing a downwinder from ExotiKite Kiteboarding School to Buena Vista Beach Resort.  Take your surfboards if you have them, and we will practice riding the lovely Los Barriles wavelettes on the way down.  Once there the hot tub will be hot and the margaritas will be cold.  Shuttles will be set up to take us back up to LB.  We will launch at 1pm from ExotiKite Kiteboarding School.  See you there!  ~Megan


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Tug Hill 2014!!! http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/tug-hill-2014 http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/tug-hill-2014 Our first event of 2014 is official!!!

See www.tughillsnowkiting.com for details, and email kb4girlsNY@gmail.com to register or with any questions -- HURRY, this trip is already mostly booked as it has been evolving while awaiting official event approval.  Dates are Saturday 2/15 - Monday 2/17 (Presidents Day Weekend).  BOOK NOW!!!  See you on the SNOW!!!!

- Ashley

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Sun drenched hair & more happy freckles in 2014! http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/here-is-to-sun-drenched-hair-a-more-happy-freckles-in-2014 http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/here-is-to-sun-drenched-hair-a-more-happy-freckles-in-2014 Mark your calendars and pay your wind bill, then join us for the best kite season ever! This year we have exciting themes like: Spring Basics Busters, Get Your Jump On, Turn Your World Upside Down, Summer Sizzling Transitions, and Bold Dares with Secret Kite Confessions.

We're looking forward to a fun filled 2014 with tons of kiting to be had.  By the end of the season, may we have sun drenched hair, more happy freckles, and plenty of well used gear!

Forever your support system, we are here to help you build motivation, self-confidence and skills.  KB4girls Charleston Chapter is excited to announce our 2014 meet dates below.

Of course, anytime the wind blows be sure to hit us up the groupme application so we can grab a session. And, be sure to stay connected to those gals who have similar open times to kite and get out there together!  If you’re not signed up to chat with us on groupme let us know and we’ll get you on board asap!

The exact time of day for meets, will vary depending predicted conditions, however, typical times will be mid to late afternoon.  Check back on the site a week before the scheduled date, and times and locations will be listed.

As a courtesy please contact us before a meeting via email, airclubforgirls@catchsomeair.us or via phone a843-388-9300 if you plan on attending.

Jan 25th - Trophy Lakes Wake Session

Feb 1st - Trophy Lakes Wake Session

March 22nd - Spring Basics Buster.  Brush the dust off your skills and set your goals for the 2014 summer kite season.

April 26th -  Get Your Jump On!  We'll focus on how to get maximum air time to increase your smile quotient for the month.  :)

May 17th - Turn Your World Upside Down.  Change your kiting perspective and learn back rolls, front rolls, and watermelon rolls.

June 28th - Summer Sizzling Transitions.  Add some spice to your riding style by adding some sexy sassy kite transitions.

July 26th -  Bold
Dares and Secret Confessions.  Challenge your gal pals to a kite off and spill the beans on your worst kite adventures from the season.

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Thank You Global Female Kite Day! http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/thank-you-global-female-kite-day http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/thank-you-global-female-kite-day

No wind no worries, in celebration of our first ever KB4girls Global Female Kite Day the Charleston Chapter took to the skies with an aerial fit class.  What is aerial fit (www.aerialfit.com)? Well, basically it’s Circus training, and one of the most exciting new activities to try in Charleston.  As our group walked thru the doors of the garage style building, we were smitten by immense ceilings, colorful hanging silks, ropes, hoops, and bars.  The focus of our class, was learning how to navigate your body thru and around a hanging metal hoop by learning proper hand grips and leveraging body mechanics.   Was it amazing?  Indeed, and even those of us who entered worried and unsure left smiling and accomplished.

Each time I venture into an activity I’ve never done before, I am reminded:  being a beginner is awesome.  Whhaaaaat!!! You might be saying, who likes to be clumsy, unsure, and out of their element?  Well, I guess I do, because it can be an equally amazing place to be.  Allowing yourself to tumble in a million different awkward directions is fun, if you can stop putting pressure on yourself to be “the perfect beginner”.   Plus, being out of your comfort zone leaves you jazzed once you’ve finally made it thru the experience.

Why am I sharing this story with you?  Because I want to encourage those of you who have been kiting for many years to pick an activity to be a beginner at again.  To be at the start of a journey, to be in a place of full potential.    It’s a breath of fresh air and cultivates an inner push you can bring back to your kiting to reach for that next skill set.

For those at the beginning stages of kiting that may be embarrassed or worried about being seen as a “beginner”, remember that the start of a journey is wonderful place.  All is possible, as you have yet to come against your own physical and mental plateaus.  Enjoy and relish this phase because soon it will pass and you may end up on the slippery slope of trying to impress others or beating yourself up because you’re not as good as someone who has been kiting for the same length of time.     So, wherever you are on your kiting journey, throw in a dash of different and a pinch of acceptance and watch what happens.

For all those girls working hard to grow, support, and up lift others in the journey of kiting, thank you!  Without the support of such a great group of women locally and globally, kiteboarding and all those involved would not be the same.  And, while the Charleston KB4girls Charleston Chapter did not leave the water sun kissed on December 1st, 2013 as we had hoped, we did end the day soaked in potential, covered in smiles, and….well….we still caught plenty of air!

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Join Global Female Kite Day on December 1, 2013 and win some fun stuff! http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/join-global-female-kite-day-on-december-1-2013-and-win-some-fun-stuff- http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/join-global-female-kite-day-on-december-1-2013-and-win-some-fun-stuff-

Female kite girls around the world - join us for Global Female Kite Day today, December 1, 2013! :) No matter where you are and how warm/cold, windy/not windy, sunny/rainy, active or easygoing you want to spend your special day - share it with us!

Share your pictures of your Global Female Kite Day with us on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KB4girls and spread the word! The funniest, best, prettiest, silliest and craziest pictures will win! Prizes include: WAYBU polarised bamboo sunglasses, Nicole Miller Stereo Earbuds with MIC, KB4girls packages, lots of rashies and more!

If you feel like you want to support the KB4girls foundation in any other way and become part of this global network of female kiters then join in and become a member too! :)

Enjoy your Global Female Kite Day ladies! :)

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global femal kite day in Rome http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/global-femal-kite-day http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/global-femal-kite-day ciao a tutte kitegirls,

a Roma abbiamo deciso, viste le condizioni meteo, di festeggiare questo giorno speciale per il kite femminile con un ricco brunch!

vi aspetto tutte all'Akbar, piazza in Piscinula, Trastevere, alle 13

grazie a tutte le kitegirl per aver partecipato all'incontro e all'Akbar per il trattamento speciale :)

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UPDATE: NYC Chapter's Global Kite Chick Day - December 1 !!! http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/update-nyc-chapters-global-kite-chick-day-december-1- http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/update-nyc-chapters-global-kite-chick-day-december-1- As Global Kite Chick Day is rapidly approaching, it looks like we unfortunately won't have much wind for the festivities this Sunday, December 1 :(


That's ok though, since it's pretty cold out in our part of the world anyway!!  If there is enough interest, we will get together Sunday morning for BRUNCH and/or ROCK CLIMBING!! Either activity would be somewhere slightly west of NYC (brunch could be in Hoboken NJ or Bloomfield NJ, Rock Climbing in Fairfield, NJ ‎or Chatham, NJ).

(Photo credit to http://www.gravityvault.com/)

Email KB4GirlsNY@gmail.com ASAP if you're interested in joining this get-together, and let us know your preference and availability for Sunday morning :)  Hope to see you all there!!! ‎

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KB4G Adelaide GLOBAL KITE CHICK DAY ! http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/kb4g-adelaide-global-kite-chick-day- http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/kb4g-adelaide-global-kite-chick-day- The season has begun, and the past few weeks have given us daily seabreeze's ;)

Well it's almost here, the first ever GLOBAL kite chick day. This Sunday, come down to Mirani Ct, Tennyson (known as the Chicken Shop by locals) and have a meet and greet, social kite with all the other local female kiter's. There are more and more girls kiting around here, and our aim for the day is to get as many girls on the water as we can, and hopefully out number the boys for once!

Running alongside us for the day will be a kiting clinic, run by the Kaizen Coaching Team and the Liquid Force Pro riders - if you are looking to improve your skills, this clinic may be for you. Head over to the KB4G Adelaide Facebook page for more details.

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LEK Cabarete celebrates Global Female Kite Day Dec 1st http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/lek-cabarete-celebrates-global-female-kite-day-dec-1st http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/lek-cabarete-celebrates-global-female-kite-day-dec-1st

On Sunday December 1st KB4girls Foundation board member and owner of LEK kiteboarding school Laurel Eastman and her awesome team will join in the first ever world-wide celebration of women in kiteboarding.

All kiteboarding women in Cabarete are encouraged to come over to LEK that Sunday and ride with us!

The LEK coaches will be hosting a group of young women from The Mariposa DR Foundation, a local non-profit working with female youth to break the cycle of generational poverty in Cabarete.

A few of the Mariposas are already kiteboarders, and the others will be getting a fun introduction to this empowering sport.

Stay tuned for great photos of the day, big smiles and lots of fun on the beautiful tropical Cabarete beach.

To learn more about the work of The Mariposa DR Foundation visit the website here

To learn how you can become a kiteboarder at Laurel’s school (LEK) visit her site here

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KB4girls downwinder in Vietnam for Global Female Kite Day http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/kb4girls- http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/kb4girls- KB4girls goes global on the 1st of Deceember!

Everyone loves an event and this year KB4girls have teamed up globally where all the chapters around the world will aim to hold an event on the 1st of December!

Here in Vietnam we will be organizing a downwinder to Phan Thiet. The downwinder is 12 km long and follows the beautiful Vietnamese coastline. To join you will need to be an intermediate kitesurfer and bring your own gear. (rental options are available).  If riders think they might not be able to finish the downwinder not a problem there will be a safety boat following to pick up anyone that feels they can’t make the finish. After the starting point at C2Sky beach there will be one other landing point. This is just 2 km after the starting point at C2Sky’s 2nd location at the Unique resort.

The KB4girls downwinder aim is to bring as many girls together, share skills, complete the downwinder and most importantly have lots of fun.

We would like everyone to come and register at 11 am on the day. Share your kiting stories and get ready for the downwinder. The briefing will be at 12 pm and the downwinder will start at 1.30pm. The downwinder should take about approximately 1 ½ hrs  which brings us to the finish at around 3 pm. From the finish point C2Sky Kitecenter will provide taxi’s back to the kite center.

The meeting point will be at C2Sky Kitecenter, 82 Nguyen dinh chieu street, Mui Ne, Vietnam.

At night C2Sky will be organizing a bbq for all downwinder participants and friends. (free of charge for downwinder participants)

If you are in Vietnam and interested in joining this event or just want to come and check out the vibe please contact liz@c2skykitecenter.

We believe that wind is going to be in our favour but if not, we will have enough fun  no-wind activities planned like Vietnamese boat rides, massages and cooking classes.

The event is free of charge so why not, join in, register and see you on the day!


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Women of the World Unite for the 1st annual KB4girls Foundation Global Female Kite Day http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/women-of-the-world-unite-for-the-1st-annual-kb4girls-foundation-global-female-kite-day http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/women-of-the-world-unite-for-the-1st-annual-kb4girls-foundation-global-female-kite-day Maui, Hawaii November 15th, 2013: On Sunday, December 1st, female athletes around the world will unite to passionately celebrate women in kiteboarding through a series of fun, non-competitive female kiteboarding events.

An initiative from The KB4girls Foundation, the mission of the Global Female Kite Day is to honor women in water sports and encourage more females to participate through their global network of 22 chapters, which actively hold regular ladies’ kiteboarding events in their communities.

KB4girls Vice President Laurel Eastman from Cabarete, Dominican Republic says, “In a world so entrenched with gender-bias, and in the realm of action sports in particular, the KB4girls Foundation Global Female Kite Day is a great opportunity to showcase what we know - that kiteboarding is a fabulous activity for women - challenging, empowering, invigorating and community-building.”

To learn more about the Global Female Kite Day please visit www.kb4girls.org to find a KB4girls chapter near you and become part of their celebrations. Female kiters from all kite sports (kiteboarding, snowkiting, buggying and powerkiting) are encouraged to get out on Sunday December 1st, fly their kites with their girlfriends, post photos and stories on facebook, instagram and twitter tagging #KB4girls #GlobalFemaleKiteDay, and to become KB4girls Foundation members.

About KB4girls

KB4girls stands for “Kite Boarding” 4 girls (as well as originally also “Kristin Boese” 4 girls) and was established with the goal to empowers females through the sport of kiteboarding. While KB4girls GLOBAL clinic events give female athletes from around the world the chance to get together for a fun and motivating experience and to push their kiteboarding skills to the next level, the KB4girls CHAPTERs connect females on a more local level through their social events that help build strong female kite communities around the world.

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We're getting Aerial for Global Female Kite Day! http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/december-1st-global-kite-chic-day http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/december-1st-global-kite-chic-day We are excited to announce that on December 1st, 2013 we will celebrate the first annual kick off of Global Female Kite Day, started by the KB4girls Organization.

Our goal: to empower, appreciate, and elevate each other as women and as kiters.  Each of the 22 Chapters will have the goal of raising at least $200, which will go directly to the KB4girls organization to help continue their mission.

In Charleston, we'll be catching some air despite our fickle winter wind!  Join us on December 1st from 1pm-2:30pm at the one and only circus gym, Aerial Fit!  Cost is $35, ten dollars of this event will go to KB4girls the remaining to Aerial Fit for their unique experience and expertise.   Spaces are limited, please contact us at airclubforgirls@catchsomeair.us or at the shop at 843-388-9300.


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Global Kite Chick Day 2013!!! http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/global-kite-chick-day-2013 http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/global-kite-chick-day-2013 Ok, so I know I said the 2014 calendar was coming soon.  And it is!!  Hoping to have at least a tentative calendar up later today or at least by this weekend.  And it's going to be AWESOME!!!  In the mean time, however, I wanted to announce one last event for 2013!!

Kite girls around the world will be coming together on this day, in their respective geographical areas, to show the unity of women around the world partaking in this empowering sport!  This event will also help to emphasize how many women actually kite, which is pretty impressive!!

Here's the plan for the NYC area chapter:

Stay tuned later this month, especially the week of Thanksgiving, for a weather update. If it looks like it is going to be windy, we will designate a time and place to meet (depending on wind direction) on Saturday, December 1.  At the beach, we will partner up based on skill level and each work on 1-3 goals for the day.

Afterward we will meet up somewhere near our chosen kiting spot for food and drinks.

If there is no wind, I'll probably just be overloading our group facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/175189575926315/) with awesome kiting videos to get you pumped for our 2014 calendar!!  Closer to the date, we can also arrange to meet up to go rock climbing, snowboarding if there's anywhere reasonably accessible that's open, or meet up for food and drinks, depending on interest.  This will just depend on who is available and interested, since we are somewhat geographically scattered in our chapter.

Either way it will be a great day and really fun to see the global focus on women in the sport, even if we don't make it out on the water.  Please RSVP to KB4GirlsNY@gmail.com so that I will have an idea on numbers for partnering up, and for booking an alternate activity if there's enough interest.

Weather and planning updates the week before 12/1 will be posted on the NYC / Long Island KB4Girls Chapter Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/KB4GirlsNY) and Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/175189575926315/).


Can't wait!!!



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Global Kite Chick Day! http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/global-kite-chick-day- http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/global-kite-chick-day-  


We have been discussing a global kite chick day since Dec. of last year & it is finally happening this Dec. 1st. Whoop! Whoop!

Kite girls around the world will be coming together on this day in their respective areas to show unity for women around the world partaking in this empowering sport & to emphasize how many women actually kite!!

Here is the game plan for our Nelson Chapter:

Pay attention closer to the date for a weather update. If it looks like it is going to be windy, we will designate a time to meet at the beach & then partner up with a girl of similar skill level for that afternoon to work on 1-3 goals for the day.

Afterward we will meet up @ the Ocean Lodge for drinks in the courtyard area.

Plan B: If there is no wind, we will enjoy an afternoon testing our board skills at the Cable Park.

Either way will be good fun! Please RSVP so that we can have an idea on #'s for partnering up that day or going to the cable park. Updates will be posted to the Nelson Kitesurfing Chicks FB page.

We are doing a raffle with this event to raise money for KB4Girls. Tickets are only $2!

You can win prizes from:

SUPSTAR, Sea Kayak Adventures, the Waka Ama, One Smile Magazine, Carmen Walker Beauty Therapy, Marchfest Nelson, Results Gym & Bronzed Mobile Spray Tanning!

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2014 CALENDAR OF EVENTS!!! http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/2014-calendar-of-events http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/2014-calendar-of-events Here it is: our 2014 Calendar of Events is up!

Email KB4GirlsNY@gmail.com with any questions!


Saturday 2/15/2014 – Monday 2/17/2014

Snowkiting trip to upstate New York

Approximately 5 hour drive from NYC

Must have your own gear & transportation to the kiting location.

Accommodations near the kiting location, breakfasts, and dinner Saturday and Sunday, are included in cost of $120 per person.

For more information, or to register for this event, email KB4GirlsNY@gmail.com.


**PLEASE NOTE that this is a very popular event and will definitely book up quickly!! Register now to ensure your spot.**



Saturday 5/10/2014 – Saturday 5/24/2014

OBX Trip

Stay for one week or two!

Kick off the summer of 2014 right with a trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where you can warm up and get back into the swing of things with less neoprene holding you back! Cost will be $225-$385 per room per week, but probably $225.... this just depends on whether the house is fully booked – but we expect it to be fully booked! If you split a bunk room with a friend, the price for your half of the room in a fully booked house is only about $110!


Cost includes accommodations only, food NOT included. Meals will be your own responsibility but we may decide to split groceries for a few meals at the house, go out for meals as a group, etc. BYOB and bring your own gear (or arrange to rent some there). Must have your own transportation to/from Frisco, NC.


ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME, there are plenty of lessons available in the area whether you are completely new to kiteboarding, just learning to get on the board, or want some tips on how to go bigger and nail that elusive new trick. Must arrange for lessons on your own, but we can make some recommendations. If you're an advanced and independent rider, there are many awesome places to ride here, from slicks to waves, and many long downwinders to enjoy!


$100 deposit per person to hold your place. Email KB4GirlsNY@gmail.com to register and we will let you know where to mail your deposit. **PLEASE NOTE that this is a very popular event and will definitely book up quickly!! Register now to ensure your spot!!! We expect this trip to be completely booked very quickly!** If you can't make it for some reason, we will do our best to rent the room and return your deposit, but no guarantees.



July/August 2014 – Date TBA

Wakefest (&Progression Session if windy)

Join us for WAKEFEST 2014, with the Island Wakeboard Academy in Lloyd Harbor, NY!

2014 Long Island Wakeboard and Waterskiing Festival.

Boat tie up, open riding, and competition (time TBA).

If there's wind this weekend, we will also get together for a downwinder or progression session with the girls to focus on progressing and trying out those new moves! Location TBA depending on wind direction as the weekend approaches.


Email KB4GirlsNY@gmail.com for more information or to reserve your spot today!!



July/August 2014 – Date TBA

Kite Center Summer Bash (& Progression Session if windy)

at the NY Kite Center in Amityville, NY



If there's wind this weekend, we will also get together for a downwinder or progression session with the girls to focus on progressing and trying out those new moves! Location TBA depending on wind direction as the weekend approaches.


Email KB4GirlsNY@gmail.com for more information or to reserve your spot today!!



August 2014 – Date TBA

New Jersey Wake-Off

Lake Forest Yacht Club, Lake Hopatcong, NJ

The Jersey Wakeoff has proved to be the largest wakeboard event in the northeast since 2008. The event takes place on Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey largest lake strategically located 45 minutes west of New York City.


Register to compete at www.wakeoff.com! Must have your own transportation to this even. No cost for spectators, but you may want to bring some cash for food and the beer garden! Email KB4GirlsNY@gmail.com to let us know if we'll see you there!



September 2014 – Date TBA

Dream Extreme Fundraiser / Clinic

More details coming soon. Registration will be through http://challengetotriumph.com/.



Fall / Winter trip(s) pending....

details coming later in 2014... any updates will be advertised with a blog update and on our facebook group and page.


See you on the water!!!




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KB4girls Lancing October Chapter, winter kitesurfing 2013 http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/kb4girls-lancing-october-chapter-winter-kitesurfing-2013 http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/kb4girls-lancing-october-chapter-winter-kitesurfing-2013  

So sadly it has come to that time of the year here in the UK,
the end of autumn, which also brings the last of our official Lancing

As autumn finishes so comes the beginning of winter, so we thought
we would get you girls ready for this.
Sadly we did not have any wind this day, so spent the after noon at
my flat where we had a great view of the beach and could discuss this
over hot tea and biscuits.

We also had lots of winter equipment and accessories to have a look
at and show each other.For those who could not join us or just for
future reference, this is what we talked through.

When kitesurfing in winter, it is not just about the session, to
ensure you have a great and safe time, you really need to start
preparing the day before. In winter there is so much more going
on with the weather, temperature, physically and mentally.

Everything feels a lot more intense and extreme. When one of these
goes wrong or is not right, it will have a massive effect on your
safety, performance and reactions.

If I know I have a big and cold session the next day, the first
thing I start with is my food and hydration. Make sure you are
getting plenty of fluids (preferably water) In the evening and
next day, when we are dehydrated this affects our cell function
in our muscles and in our brain. Muscle fatigue or bad decisions
can lead to compromised fun on the water.

For dinner I eat a mixture of carbs and protein, try to have more carbs on your
plate than protien 65/35. The carbs will ensure your body has lots
of energy and warmth for the next day. And carbs also make your body
nice and sleepy ensuring you have a nice sleep that night.
Have pasta/ rice/ Potatoes they are light and easier for your stomach
to digest.

Try not to drink much alcohol, this dilates your blood vessels,
causing you to lose all your body heat rapidly the next day through
your top surface. I have ruined a few sessions myself because of
this, waking up hungover and cold.Topped of with a soggy wet suit.
It's all down hill. Make sure you are in a warm environment, you
wake up warm and stay warm. If possible, put your wetsuit/ drysuit
on at home.

For breakfast eat some thing warm, porridge releases the heat in
side and slow release of energy through out the day, add some nuts
and fruit for extra taste and energy and have a warm drink.
Really important to be warm from the core, before the session so
you can lock that heat in with your winter wetsuit. Do invest into
good fitting wetsuit, boots and gloves, these will last and make
your session so much more fun safe and prolonged.

Also wear a watch,
keep an eye on the time, better to have a short but intense session
than long and frustrating becoming cold and maybe leading to
hypothermia. Know your limits, I give myself a allocated time,
when I reach it I stop and come in. Try and come of the water
before you get cold, you still have to pack your kit down and some
if you will still have a long drive, or have to get changed in a
cold car park. Have baggy loose thermal type clothes waiting.
Getting into skinny jeans in a nightmare when you are cold and damp.

Blasting with heat will not warm up, you need to reheat up from
inside to the surface. Have hot drink waiting in a flask , with some
food, I find chocolate digestive biscuits warm me up the most :-)
then get some were warm soon for shower and hot food. Again try not
to drink alcohol till you are warm again, as this can make you worse.

Some Signs to look out for you and others for hypothermia

slurred speech
memory loss
loss of motor control (fumbling hands)

If you do notice any of these, get that person somewhere warm and get
them a hot drink, try to get them changed into dry clothes. And
remember for you to stay safe! If it is cold enough to cause
hypothermia for someone else, it is cold enough to cause hypothermia
in you. Check out NHS website here for more in depth details on

So that's you taken care of, what about the weather? Now we need to
take care of winter winds.

First of all, they are more hard and more dense than warm winds. Your
Kite will produce more power in cold winds. The difference to warm
winds is quite noticeable.

Non conventional winds ( not seabreeze) are very gusty. They are not
smooth and can vary in direction and force, gusts can be up to 50%
stronger. If in doubt put up a smaller kite than you think.

Watch for squalls and rain fronts, spot them by dark rain clouds at
low altitude approaching fast from direction if wind, often a wall of
rain will appear from horizon. These front/squalls can change
direction of wind for a period if time.

It is best to wait out the squalls back on land. BUT!! If you do get caught out on water,
park your kite at edge of wind window and keep kite low, least power
and will not get lofted . (If you don't think you will get landed in
time then stay on the sea!) Squalls can increase wind up to 100%,
that is a lot of power!

Keep your safety ready in case if need to release. And always check
your safety before you go out.
So be safe and have fun and see you on the beach soon.

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2014 Calendar coming soon!!! http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/2014-calendar-coming-soon http://www.kb4girls.org/chapters/entry/2014-calendar-coming-soon Hello my lovely kitesurf chicks!!


Sorry I've been somewhat MIA since the NY Kite Center Bash a few months ago.  I flew out to the west coast for 2 weeks kiting Hood River, which was AMAZING!!  We are going to try to go for even longer next year, I love that place!  Then when I arrived home, my sister's wedding was only 2 months away and I had to help just a bit to make sure she got to all the beautiful little details  ;)  So yesterday, our father gave her away and then I got to relax and enjoy the party!!  And now that the planning is done, I'll be putting together next year's chapter schedule in the coming weeks.  It promises some epic adventures - including but not limited to 2 weeks in the Outer Banks in April/May 2014!! And I might even find the time to put together that video/slide show I've been talking about from our May 2013 trip ;)


So keep your eyes peeled for more info coming ASAP!  Hope to see some of you on the water soon :)



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