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Day 1 & 2 of KB4girls in Mui Ne

Posted by Liz Kaiser
Liz Kaiser
Hi everyone, I’m Liz, proud to have become one of the KB4girls ambassadors in As
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on Monday, 29 October 2012 in Mui Ne Bay/ Vietnam


Happy to say it was a successful girly 2 days!

We were able to gather 15 girls for the first Mui Ne event. We had a very light breeze the 1st day which gave us the chance to fly the trainerkite. Not easy in light wind, but hey, the girls got hooked and wanted more!!! So we decided to continue with a inflatable kite set up and then fly on land! Unfortunately we had to leave it by that. But managed to get a nice no- wind program going for the next day.

The next day, we first attended the English School for Vietnamese children. The children start from the age of 11 to 16. They either come from a very difficult or poor background, meaning that they either have no family, extremely poor or dyslectic at the age of 12.

The visit by the girls was happy and fun. We had a wonderful time first just talking to the children by asking each other all kinds of questions. the most popular one was, what do you want to be in the future? At most of them answered teach or professional soccer player.  And at the end, we ended up dancing and singing to the chicken dance and macarena for about an hour.

Once we got back from the English school we attended the Mui Ne Cooking School. It was perfect timing, as we had all built up a good appetite. We made 2 dishes, Fried spring rolls and Green Mango salad. Absolutely delicious!

We then gathered for a nice boat tour along Mui Ne Bay... at least we got on the water some how! Nice flat watter!

Once we finished the boat tour we decided to treat ourselves with a nice massage! It was so relaxing!!!!

We finished the day off with a Goat BBQ in a special local Vietnamese restaurant. Where we also ended up drinking banana wine and singing Vietnamese lyrics.

What a wonderful 2 days. The girls will be back and want more of kiting!

Let's get ready for the next event!!!

Warmest regards,


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Hi everyone, I’m Liz, proud to have become one of the KB4girls ambassadors in Asia. Just to introduce myself in short: I am originally from the Netherlands and have been living in Vietnam since 2006. Before Vietnam I travelled around the world and of course fell in love with the sport. During my travels I decided to set up a kitesurfing business, C2Sky, and have been fortunate enough to make this work together with my partner in Mui Ne.

I am really excited to start this new chapter in Mui Ne. My aim is to connect girls and women from all over the world through the planned activities. I think this is definetly needed in Mui Ne. I would like to start the first chapter in October 2012 cause that is when the season starts again with Halloween or what the locals say: HalloWind.

If you are planning to visit Asia please come and visit me. Next to the KB4girls activities I would be happy to give you any advise on kiteboarding in Mui Ne or any other queries about accommodation, tours or visa’s.

Hope to see you in Mui Ne and let’s get kiting!

Take care,



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