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Introducing KB4G Adelaide!

Posted by Rachael
I am a keen kiter with no real skills! Love the sport and would love to have the
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on Tuesday, 05 February 2013 in Adelaide / Australia

The KB4G Adelaide Facebook page started yesterday and I already have 50 likes! STOKED! I'm super excited about the possibilities of it all and my mind is racing about all the things we could do!

I have all the local schools on board and also a couple of really good kiters to run some tricks clinics.

The state titles are on this weekend, so once they are done, I will get on to organising some events. Bit scared to actually 'set dates' though as we don't get trade winds, we just have GOOD wind days and BAD wind days for kiting! I think our first 'event' will just be a 'come and meet everyone' session. Maybe a down winder to get the already kiting chicks on board and pumped. Then we will get a come 'n try day organised.

There is a big EASTER CLASSIC down south, in Robe, which hosts kiting, windsurfing and SUP'ing events all weekend. Last year I was crowned the 'QUEEN of Robe' as I participated in the kiting and SUP'ing events. I was one of two kiter girls there! I wish there were more!!! So, maybe this year I will rev up the KB4G Adelaide girls to get down there, I'll come up with some sort of event of clinic that might entice them to come join the festivities!!!

Well, wish me luck and I can't wait to connect with you all at some point! Now that Uni is over I'm looking at getting over to either the DR or Israel for one of the International events this year........

Seeya, from sunny Adelaide!

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I am a keen kiter with no real skills! Love the sport and would love to have the time and conditions to get much better! Not too many girls in Adelaide who kite, so I'm looking forward to getting a good group together :)


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