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KB4Girls Global in El Gouna/Egypt turned out to be a very special adventure

Posted by Kristin
KB4girls stands for both, Kristin Boese for Girls and Kite Boarding for Girls an
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on Sunday, 17 June 2012 in KB4girls global

Over the past 3 days El Gouna and Kiteboarding Club hosted KB4girls global event number 4 of the 2012 season which saw 22 women kiters from all over the world join 9x Kiteboarding World Champion Kristin Boese and pro-coaches Andrina Kelly and Dagmara Dentkiewicz for an action packed event.


After a safety briefing, fun simulator training and a detailed on-water demonstration on day one, the participating girls and women from ages 10 to 55 showed of their skills, motivation and determination when trying and learning lots of new tricks under the instructions of their coaches. But this KB4girls global camp was by far not only a kiting together.

Thanks to Orange Concept the group of female kite enthusiasts discovered their beloved playground from below the surface during a snorkel trip on board “Ocean Diva” which was also joined by a pod of Dolphins. On Saturday night Buzza Beach then turned the Kiteboarding Club into a beach BBQ and party venue and girls (and boys) danced late into the night.

While all KB4girls Foundations events are free of charge, participants are asked to raise funds for a local/national charity to give something back through their experience. Participants in the KB4girls global event in El Gouna are raising money for the women’s shelter run by Hope Village Society in Cairo. After a passionate presentation of Hope Village representative Amira Elfeky the female kiters have not only made it their goal to raise a minimum of 2000 Euro for the Society but to also spread the word of their cause amongst the kite community and further. Please see for further information.

KB4girls founder Kristin Boese says: “Even though every KB4girls event is important to me, I will remember this one as a very special one. The support of El Gouna, Kiteboarding Club and Orange Concept were simply incredible and the camp really turned into a very special adventure for all the girls. On top of that it became very clear how strongly everyone felt about supporting the Hope Village Society and it means a lot to me that our event can make a difference to their cause.”

At the end of this years KB4girls global event in El Gouna participants and organizations alike agreed that they will have to return in 2013 for another amazing event.

A very special thanks for a very special event have to go to Orascom, El Gouna, Kiteboarding Club, Buzza Beach, Fanadir Hotel, Mosaique Hotel, Orange Concept, Jenny Cooper, Dave Cooper, Miguel Willis, Andrina Kelly, Dagmara Dentkiewicz, Ali Pasha, Captain’s Inn, Turtle’s Inn and Le Garage.

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KB4girls stands for both, Kristin Boese for Girls and Kite Boarding for Girls and while the foundation was originally founded by Kristin to simply support females in kiteboarding through free clinics based on motivational and skill training it has quickly become a global network for female kiteboarding and now reaches out to others in need through fundraising as well.


Kelly Wetherington
Kelly Wetherington
Kelly Wetherington is author of, a collection of on-the-r
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Kelly Wetherington Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Such a great weekend with fabulous girls! Many thanks to Kristin Boese for volunteering her time and inspiring all of us on and off the water! I look forward to attending many more KB4girls events, thanks so much for bringing us girls together for such a great cause. X

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